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Istanbul Aydın University Education Faculty was established with the Council of Ministers Decision numbered 2008/14011 and dated 05.08.2008, and has started its education life with its distinguished academic staff and classrooms and academic programs that can meet the contemporary needs of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance in the academic year 2008-2009. The faculty includes Educational Sciences, Computer and Instructional Technologies Education, Foreign Languages Education, English Language Teacher Education Program, Basic Education Department of Elementary Education, Department of Turkish Language Education, Department of Preschool Education, Department of Arabic Language Teaching, Department of Education for Mentally Disabled Students. The level of development of countries in the age of communication, information and technology, is measured by the importance they attach to education and science. The quality of teachers, who manage the system, is the most significant determinant of education system. Education Faculties play a big role in educating the qualified teachers in accordance with the requirements of the age within this context.

The main purpose of our faculty is educating our students as teachers who can think differently, who are free in their individual decisions, self-confident, respectful to human values, gentle and unselfish, equipped with all kinds of technical and technological knowledge, who share the ideas of the Republic, and who we can entrust our next generations. As Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Education, we are making great efforts to educate contemporary, intellectual, equipped teachers who have professional formation to the core in line with the basic principles of Turkish National Education with all our academic and managerial staffs. Our faculty has aimed to train fully equipped teachers by combining practice studies in schools with the three basic dimensions of teacher training programs which are "Professional Teaching Knowledge", "Content Knowledge" and "General Knowledge".


Prof. Dr. Elif Yeşim ÜSTÜN

Vice Dean



Being one of the first building stones of BİL Holding, BİL Kültür Eğitim A.Ş. was established by the academicians and business people who have social responsibility; are rapidly adapting themselves to the changing dynamics of the age; and who believe the most important capital of Turkey is educated people, in 1994. Having achieved many successes in a short period of time with its services by applying the policy of "Total Quality", BİL Kültür Eğitim A.Ş. has developed its field of activity by opening new branches in the road it has taken with the principles of "being self-sufficient" and "investing in education with the values obtained from education", and has sustained its investments in line with its requirements.

New investments were added to the investment list, which was started under the leadership of BİL Kültür Eğitim A.Ş. believing in sovereignty of knowledge with its strong, dynamic, innovative and productive method. BİL-Form included respectively BİL-Form Printing, BİL Derajans Advertising, Ek-BİL Printing, BİL Publishing, BİL Informatics, BİL Logistics, BİL Aydın Publishing and BİL Data institutions. Reflecting all scientific and technical developments to its services and products with its total quality understanding, BİL Holding has variegated its 20-year history with many companies and more than one hundred educational institutions. Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation was established with the moral and material support of BİL Holding, and is breaking ground in our country's education with its pioneer and exemplary vocational school and contemporary university. Increasing its success rate and taking firms steps towards future with every passing day, BİL Holding continues to offer modern and innovative projects to the service of our country and humanity with its philosophy that believes in democracy and pursues the goal of educating productive, researcher, responsible individuals who recognize themselves and know what they want to be, have adopted the habit of using the changing technology as a life-style, targeted the age of knowledge, are respectful to human rights and freedoms, and are at peace with themselves.

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