The Principle’s Message

Dear Students,

First of all, I would like to greet you with love and respect.

All of you welcome to our University and Vocational School. You are all very valuable to us and to our country. Our purpose is to be able to support you in the preparation way of your life that you have taken with a great self-devotion; to provide you with a quality and contemporary occupational education at university level. In this regard, all kinds of facilities have been prepared and presented for you in our university. Your part is improving yourself with the awareness of the possibilities you have and preparing yourself for your future jobs and duties in the best possible way. I wish that for you to benefit from the friendship and fraternity environment you will find in our university and in our vocational school, spend this period of time as the most beautiful and precious days of your lives by knowing each other, appreciating each other, strengthening the ties of affection with love and respect.

I present my love and respect to my dear students and their beloved families and I wish success and happiness.


Prof. Dr. Ömer Adil ATASOY

Principle of the Vocational Higher School of Justice

güncelleme: 25.7.2018 16:52