The missions of Vocational School of Justice is to educate qualified human resources with sufficient knowledge of basic law to carry out the administrative affairs of institutions and organizations in judicial services and private sector. Students with a YGS-3 score can apply for this program.

The main purpose of Vocational School of Justice is educating professional administrative personnel for the judiciary and other sub-units of the Ministry of Justice in particular and public, private sector institutions and organizations. The characteristics of the professionals should be as follows:

  1. People with basic knowledge of law and equipped with all kinds of professional knowledge,
  2. People who have gained the ability to evaluate the legal problems that they come up against from a healthy point of view,
  3. People with the knowledge and ability to ensure that the judicial service is conducted quickly, efficiently and effectively,
  4. People who follow national and international developments in judicial service
  5. People who are specialized in their fields
  6. People who are interested in technological developments
  7. People with observation ability
  8. People who are open to new ideas and closely follow the publications on technology and the profession

Research Interests

Among the graduates who have completed a successful semester, the necessary education is given to make those who worked harder to take vertical transfer exam and become a law school student.

The graduates of the Vocational School of Justice are appointed to the positions of Bailiff, Vice-Bailiff, Chief Clerk, Vice Chief Clerk, Court Clerk within the judicial organization. They can be promoted from executioner to director in penal institutions; they can serve at various levels in the Registry of Commerce. They work in offices of legal counsellors of various public institutions and private sector organizations and in companies that provide software support about law programs to law firms. They can also work in notaries, law firms, execution proceeding offices of banks and companies.

Programs That Allow Interdepartmental Transition

Office Services and Executive Assistance, Human Resources Management, Business Management

Undergraduate Programs That Allow Vertical Transfer

Faculty of Law

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