Program Qualification Type

Associate's Degree Programme in JUSTICE PRACTICES (a short cycle programme  in QF-EHEA and  5th level programme in TYYÇ) is a vocationally/practically-oriented, short stream (cycle) programme, specifically designed for students to acquire the practical skills, and know-how needed for employment in a particular field of occupation or trade. The successful completion of the programme provides the graduates with a labour-market relevant qualification. JUSTICE PRACTICES can be classified as regard to "ISCED (The International Standard Classification of Education) 2011" and "NQF-HETR (The Turkish Qualifications Framework for HE)" profiles (orientation) and fields of education as follows:   ISCED Field of Education: 38 - Law ISCED Level: 5,  Orientation (Profile): 55, Subcategory: 554 - Vocationally-oriented "short cycle" degree.   NQF-HETR Field of Education: 38 - Law NQF-HETR Profile of Education: Vocationally-oriented "short cycle" degree.


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