Ana Sayfa

General Information Law and professional knowledge courses are given mainly in Vocational School of Justice. The courses to be taught in the program have been determined theoretically and practically, taking into consideration the qualifications required especially by justice services. In the university, basic law courses such as law starting, constitutional law knowledge, civil law knowledge, administrative law knowledge, debt law knowledge, criminal and criminal judgment law knowledge as well as justice profession ethics, judicial organization, keyboard usage, office management, , Attorneyship and notary legislation.   As a result of the ÖSYM examinations, students who have gained the right to enroll in that school year and students who have graduated from the Justice Vocational School and who have been placed by OSYM at our school can register with the Vocational School of Justice. The duration of education in the university is 2 years. Graduates are granted Associate Degree Diploma of Istanbul Aydın University. Graduates are able to make a "vertical transition" to Law Schools within the framework of the "Vocational Schools and Open Education Associate Degree Programs Regulations on Continuing to Undergraduate Studies" and thus obtain the right to start undergraduate studies.Mission  
• A person who believes in the rule of law and who can make an effort for the realization of the rule of law principle,
• The ability of reasoning with education, which has been taken, to train individuals with advanced analytical skills,
• The principle of social development based on social justice,
• Theoretical infrastructure that can meet the needs of intermediate human power with basic legal knowledge of all sectors, especially the judicial organization, who knows the application and follows the technology,
• Raising a student with international recognition and prestige;
• Become a vocational school with a strong academic tradition in the region and country level, not limited to the periphery Vision     It can make important contributions to the assurance of the people who have basic knowledge of law, It has formed academic traditions, provides national and international competence, effective and efficient education and training opportunities, Having a high level of working environment, an understanding of research, Corporate culture is based on transparency, efficiency, efficiency, accountability principles, Academic events can be organized, scientific publications can be made, students enjoy, Become the best Vocational School of Justice school in our country.


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