General Information

Audiology; It is a discipline that includes studies for the diagnosis and prevention of hearing and balance disorders for all age groups, habilitative / rehabilitative treatment approaches, including appropriate device selection and application.

Audiology education in Turkey started in 1967 as a master's program in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine.
On 6/04/2011, "Article 9 of the law on the amendment of some laws and decree laws: The additional article was added to the Law No. 1219 of 11/4/1928 on the Practice of Medicine and Medical Sciences. As of this date, the first 4-year Audiology Undergraduate Programs started and in 2013, IAU Audiology Department was opened in Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Health Sciences.

IAU Audiology is a department that trains audiologists and academicians who are integrated with new technologies and is growing with its research and development studies with its undergraduate, graduate (MS) and doctorate programs.

IAU Audiology is the first and only audiology department with a high education quality standard in Turkey accredited by the Turkish Health Sciences Education Programs Evaluation and Accreditation Association (SABAK). As of 2019, we are proud and honored to be an accredited audiology department with the expression SABAK written in the YKS preference guide, unlike the audiology departments in other universities, in the IAU Audiology line.

Who is an Audiologist?
According to the job definition made by the Turkish government in 2011; '' Audiologist, graduated from faculties or colleges providing undergraduate education in the field of Audiology; works on hearing and balance controls and prevention of hearing disorders in individuals and detects, rehabilitates and determines the devices used for these purposes, depending on the diagnosis and treatment of the specialist physician; is a healthcare professional. ''

Career Goals Expected to Achieve by Program Graduates and Educational Objectives of the Program:

1. Equipped with professional theoretical and practical knowledge, able to update their knowledge, ethical clinical service awareness and diagnosing hearing loss and balance disorder by using field-specific test methods and providing counseling,
2. Rehabilitates hearing loss and vestibular disorders with appropriate approaches by making hearing aids, auditory implants, auxiliary hearing aids and auditory training applications,
3. Implementing the 3E slogan, which includes early diagnosis of hearing loss, early hearing aid application and early auditory rehabilitation,
4. Open to collaboration and interdisciplinary approach, adopting new technologies, being productive, open-minded and researching spirit, self-confident, socially integrated, sensitive to problems, analytical, open to self-improvement to be able to apply in international fields, an example with a voice in the field with Istanbul Aydın University "AUDIOLOGISTS" "to train.

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