If you want to be the AUDIOLOGISTS who invented, if you say PRIVILEGE IN AUDIOLOGY, IF YOU LOVE TO CONCERN THE HEALTH OF PEOPLE, we look forward to our undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs with new technologies such as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, augmented reality and our experienced professors.

IAU Audiology is a department that raises audiologists and academicians who are integrated with new technologies and is growing with its research and development studies with its undergraduate, graduate (MS) and doctoral programs.

IAU Audiology, Turkey, and Accreditation Health Sciences Training Program Evaluation Society (SABAK) by accredited is the first and only audiology department with high standards of quality education in Turkey. By the years of 2019, we are proud and honored to be an accredited audiology department with the expression of SABAK written in the YKS preference guidelines, unlike the audiology departments at other universities, in the IAU Audiology line.

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  Message from the Director

Dear Istanbul Aydın University Audiology Department Students,

You, as audiologists from Istanbul Aydın University, will be the shed of the light of our future with our education prepared in line with the Audiology Core Education Program. You will carry the flag of our vision and mission within the innovative and social projects to be developed with our academic staff. As the academic staff of Istanbul Aydın University and the Department of Audiology, we will make you feel the difference of being an audiologist at Istanbul Aydın University with the values in our vision and mission in our undergraduate and graduate education program.

As well as clinical audiology education equipped with sound audiological theoretical knowledge, an education program integrated with business life has been carried out starting from the first year to gain the skills in our vision and mission. Our teaching program includes weekly, 12-day (4-week shifts), 1 0 and 30-day clinics in all workplaces with the smallest audiologist from the department, and state and private hospitals, special education and rehabilitation centers, and national and international headquarters in the audiology industry. With internships, it will be an interactive training that will teach you about private business life with its problems and solutions.

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