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Istanbul Aydin University-TÖMER Registration Process

» Online Application / Online Başvuru

Required Documents for Acceptance Letter:

Passport (Photocopy)

100 USD- Acceptance Letter Payment Receipt

300 USD - First Deposit Payment Receipt

Acceptance Letter Application Form (Available online / individually from TÖMER office)

1. You can apply individually or online in our course, after which a reply mail is sent to you.

2. The application form which is sent by our institution will be filled in completely.

3. In order for our trainees to be able to make a definite registration, they must have paid the course fees to one of the following bank accounts on their behalf.



Name of Bank: Deniz Bank

Recipient: Istanbul Aydin Universitesi

Branch: Karakoy Commercial Center

Account Number: 4060-1771107-374

USD IBAN: TR05 0013 4000 0017 7110 7001 11




Name of Bank: Deniz Bank

Recipient: Istanbul Aydin Universitesi

Branch Office:   Karaköy Commerce Center

Account Number: 4060- 1771107-377

USD IBAN: :       TR91 0013 4000 0017 7110 7001 15



4. Acceptance Letter is sent as DHL in 2 official days after transactions or it is received by hand by the applicant.

5. The Acceptance Letter is sent to the Consulate via e-mail by TÖMER department after being scanned.

6. The student applies to Turkish Republic Consolute in his or her country with the acceptance letter in order to get TURKISH LANGUAGE LEARNING VISA.

7. The entrance is made 10 days before in maximum of the starting date of the course after the visa has been received. (There is difficulty lived in official transactions in the event of early and late entrance to Turkey according to starting date of the course.)

8. As soon as the student enters into Turkey, (in first three says)  s/he must come into the IAU TÖMER office in order to complete the registration procedures.


NECESSARY documents required for the Registration after the Student Visa has been received and entered to Turkey. 

Passport and Visa Photocopy

2 Photos

Registration Form Including Contact Information (It will be given by TÖMER office.)




  1. During registration procedures, the student must be present. Registration/payment on behalf of someone else can not be made.
  2. Course attendeees will enter into "the placement test" after registration procedures have been completed. The information about the place and time of the test can be got from Aydin TÖMER web site or TÖMER office.
  3. On the condition that there is a valid excuse shown by the course attendee, his or her requests for freezing registration in a suitable period are evaluated by the administration. Their request for changing the class can be determined based on density of classes and other conditions  in the first week, which the related course has started. Refund is not made in the situations raised by registration freezing.
  4. The written contract should be signed by the student for a kind of starting late situation.
  5. There is a compulsary attendance for the courses in 80% rate. The attendee who exceeds this rate is regarded as unsuccessful and s/he is not taken into course completion exam. Course payment is not refunded for dates and hours which the student has been absent from the classes


  1. In the event that the visa is not received the applicant student must submit the visa refusal page.
  2. In this situation, the only course payment is refunded and the acceptence letter payment costed 100 Dolar is not refunded.
  3. The refund of attendees whose applications for our courses have been made by means of agency is made to agency. It is mandatory that agencies which have requested the refund have to give students' information who requested the refund.
  4. Refund payment is made in time which is regarded as suitable by our University's Account Department.
  5. The refund is made in three months by the sending date of the acceptance letter. The refund requests exceeding this duration are not met..
  6. Each student has to invest application fee on behalf of his or her name by opening his or her own account.
  7. It is mandatory that the student requesting the refund must fill a  "refund petition" and deliver it to TÖMER office.
  8. The refund payment can be only made to the name written on the receipt and it can not be made to an another account or name.
  9. We kindly request you to share information below fully with our department/account in order  a payment refund is to be provided to our foreign students.

  10. Bank Name Which is To Be Refunded:

    Account Holder Name:
    Account No:
    IBAN No:


  • 1.      Health Insurance:
  • Necessary documents:
  • Tax Number or Turkish Republic Identity Number
  • Receipt of Payment

Health Insurance Charges

Age  Premium

 0 - 18   475 TL

19 - 25   500 TL

26 - 35   600 TL

36 - 40   680 TL

41 - 45   850 TL

46 - 50   945 TL

51 - 55   1.290 TL

56 - 60   1.490 TL

61 - 64   2.125 TL


2.       Residence Transactions

Necessary Documents

·         Get an online appointment

·         4 photos

·         Passport (the original)

·         Passport copy (all pages)

·         Health Insurance

·         Student Docment With New Date (It will be received from TÖMER office 2 days before the appointment.)

·         Declaration of Residence


3.       Student Transportation Card

Necessary documents:

·         Passport (It is only provided for the students having TÖMER visa.)

·         1 photo

·         Updated student document


Note: Delivery Hours fort he Student Document, Acceptance Letter and other document:

Morning: 11:00

Afternoon: 15:00


ISTANBUL-FOR FOREIGNERS -Turkish Education Set- Moreover, the written and visual materials which have been prepared by our Professional staff are applied. The students can provide the course book from the stationery in C BLOCK, Entrance Floor. 


Determining the Level




A course completion exam is made in the end of each course whose details are determined in below and which is constituted of four abilities. The attendee who has become successful also has the right of upgrading. The attendee who has not been able to get the lowest point of four abilities for each course, in other words one who has become unsuccessful, has to repeat the same course by paying it again for upgrading.


Verbal Lecture2515
Written Expression2515


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