Placement Tests & Final Level Tests


The Placement Test is aimed at measuring four basic language abilities. According the point received as a result of the test, the grade is determined and the suitable certificate for the grade is delivered to the person prepared by TÖMER.


·         The Placement Test is made each Saturday at 13:00 o'clock.

·         It is mandatory that the students have to bring along their passports.

·         It is required that students who are to enter into the test have to apply TÖMER office until one hour before the the test at the latest.

·         It has to be paid fort he placement test.

·         Students are certified at the end of the placement test.


Verbal Lecture25
Writing Expression25
Total 100


Point Distribution According To The Grades:

A120 – 49
A250 – 59
B160 – 69
B270 – 79
C180 – 89
C290 - 100


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