Molecular Biology Laboratory

Food Engineering Molecular Biology Laboratory was established with Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's donation, a Real Time PCR device, to the laboratory in 2010. Introduced by Genom Project in the early 2000s, the genetics science is the new horizon used and developed for many purposes by many disciplines, especially health sciences. The laboratory gives interdisciplinary application opportunities in food science and technology fields of molecular biology, and serves as a developed infrastructure of it. Real Time PCR Test is a fast and reliable method and our laboratories are serving with their adequate infrastructure and experienced personnel in detection of the pathogens that cause infection in humans, animals and plants due to viruses, bacteria and some fungal species; determination of genetically modified organisms; naming the foreign species in meat and meat products; popular research subjects such as metabolomics, proteomics, nutrigenomics, transcriptomic; projects, master's degree, doctorate and postdoctoral research subjects.  

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