​​BAP Project titled "Research on The Factors Affecting University and Country Selection of International Students, their adaptation to the University and the level of social support perceived by them":

July 2016-March 2017: The preparation, revision, publication of the report titled "The Factors Affecting University and Country Selection of International Students" within the scope of the project, its distribution to relevant locations and completion of the project.

BAP Project titled "Determination of Academic and Socio-Cultural Satisfaction Levels of Istanbul Aydın University Students: Scale Development Study"

September-November 2016: Development of raw scale for survey study aimed at determining the academic and socio-cultural satisfaction level of IAU students

November 2016: Raw scale application studies and education of the pilot students (20 students) who will apply this scale

December 2016: Prioritization application of the scale items by the students and determination of the scale items

March 2017: Making the presentation titled "International Student Destination" at Eurasian Higher Education Summit (EURIE) in 2017.

April 2017: Carrying out the procedures of form purchasing by completing the optic form studies and purchasing and setting up the optic form device

May-June 2017: Analyzing the collected data

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