Istanbul Aydin University Center for Studies on Turkey (IAUCST) is a research center which is chartered by Official Gazette in Turkey and has been active since November 5, 2008. IAUCST has been established to provide studies on the cultural, economic, legal, social and political issues in Turkey by an interdisciplinary approach, to generate knowledge, and to carry out education programs in Istanbul Aydin University.

IAUCST conducts research in the areas of society/culture, domestic policy and democratization, economy, youth and woman, and media/communication, and publishes the obtained results regularly.

The national and international activities of IAUCST consist of official visits, roundtable conferences, certified learning, panels, conferences, symposium, workshops and other activities such as EU Projects, certificate programs, exchange programs and the like.

Our center also presents the outputs of these activities as a publications such as research articles, declarations, presentations, reports and brief reports.

IAUCST has international collaborations with universities around worldwide.

Center For Studies On Turkey (IAUCST) Fields of Activity
  1. To conduct research around the study subjects,  publishing the outputs and informing the national and international public reviews.
  2. To organize conferences, congresses, symposiums, seminars, panels and similar activities nationally and internationally.
  3. To organize certificates, courses and similar programs in subjects that are of interest to the centers.
  4. To make projects through units that will be created in the center.
  5. To carry out collaborative studies with the contributions of the academic units of the university and the subjects of interest of the center.
  6. To cooperate with public and private sector institutions and organizations.
  7. To cooperate with other universities and private sector or public institutions at the national and international level with.
  8. To make any other activity who related to the purpose.

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