Women Studies Coordinatorship (IAUWSC)

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Istanbul Aydin University Women Studies Coordinatorship (IAUWSC) was established with the decision of the senate numbered 2011/09 dated August 15, 2011 with the aim of finding the problems focused on “Woman” and planning related projects with the help of women’s business life and social life, it’s activities has started under the Center for Studies on Turkey.

Women Studies Coordinatorship (IAUWSC) Fields of Activity and Aim

- To increase awareness through research, symposiums, panels, workshops, on gender inequality and gender based social problems;

- To develop and assess Gender Equality Plan of the University (GEP);

- To develop research projects and report on the results of studies that influence the society in general in relation to the changing social problems of women; 

- To produce work that will enable women to take part in the society, socially, economically and politically;

- To work on all sorts of violence that enable societal inequalities, primarily gender based violence. 

Since February 2021, Dr. Jade Cemre Erciyes, from the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Health Sciences is the Coordinator of Women's Studies. 

Contact at: [email protected]

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