Organization Tasks

Board of Directors; 

ARTICLE 10 – (1) 
With the recommendation of the Director, the proposal of the Rector and the approval of the President, among the full-time faculty members of the University; It consists of five people assigned, including the director. The term of office of the members of the Board of Directors is three years. A member whose term has expired can be re-elected. A new member is elected to complete the remaining term in place of those who left before the end of their term of office or were appointed outside the University for more than six months.

Duties of the Board of Directors
ARTICLE 11 – (1) The target audience of the Board of Directors: a) Those who can train the center to work and need help, present it to the Board of Trustees through the Rectorate and with the approved ones. b) Establishing and compiling central organization project and research groups. c) To be able to choose the principles for cooperation with universities, international and international institutions and organizations to be assigned in courses, internships, certificates and similar programs, to be centrally processed, to be comprehensively processed. d) To present the activity of the center by working and preparing it.

Advisory Board;
ARTICLE 12 – (1)  He is elected for a period of three years, with the proposal of the Rector and the approval of the Rector, among the faculty members of the university or other universities and experts working in private or optionally public institutions. It's about the centre. The Advisory Board consists of a maximum of fifteen members. A member whose term has expired can be reappointed. (2) Advisory Board; It normally convenes once a year and, when necessary, extraordinarily, upon the call of the Director. Duties of the Advisory Board ARTICLE 13 – (1) The duties of the Advisory Board are as follows: a) To convey its evaluations to the Directorate in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the works carried out by the Center, b) To present its opinions and suggestions to the Directorate within the framework of the Center's objectives. 

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