Disabled Student Unit

List of Tangible Facilities Provided to Disabled Students According to Types of Disabilities

  1. Accessible Campus studies continue to be implemented in every new building.
  1. During the lesson planning process, planning is made by considering the disability groups of the students.
  2. Meetings are held at the beginning of each term in the disabled student unit, and it is tried to ensure that students actively participate in the activities held within the center and university.
  3. Accessibility support can be provided to disabled students upon request.
  4. In order to understand the hearing impaired students and to avoid any difficulties in communication, elective sign language course was opened. Due to the same reason, there is an expert person who knows sign language in the disabled student unit and center.
  5. An audio book project has been initiated in our library to convert the course documents of visually impaired students into audio books.
  6. A draft directive covering the work to be done for all disability groups has been prepared.
  7. Upon request, students with special needs who have problems such as vision, hearing difficulties and attention deficit, hyperactivity, dyslexia-dysgraphia, dystonia, etc. are provided to take exams in a single-person environment with a supervisor.
  8. Part-time student or volunteer student support services can be provided to students with special needs, if deemed necessary, in line with students demand.
  9. Students with mobility disabilities are allowed to use the existing elevators in order to ensure that students with special needs have access to the university premises without any difficulties.
  10. An effort is made to provide additional scholarship support to students with special needs in line with their demands.
  11. Students with special needs are supported to benefit from Erasmus opportunities and they are carried out in coordination with the "Erasmus Unit Coordination Office".
  12. At the beginning of each education term, a "Health Survey" is applied to all students, including disabled students.
  13. A "Disaster Management Plan" has been prepared for disabled students and their families. Relevant awareness-raising trainings will be given to disabled students in the 2017-2018 academic year.
  14. Disabled students are supported in arranging internship places and job placement.
  15. Participation of disabled individuals in the activities of the disabled student unit and student clubs in order to socialize is ensured.

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