Areas of Activity

a)             To carry out researches to provide the conditions of "independent living" for disabled individuals,

b)             Developing ideas and projects to find financial support within the scope of these studies,

c)             Developing projects at various scales in order to ensure active participation of disabled individuals in urban and social life,

d)             Developing ideas and projects to contribute to the active participation of disabled individuals in business life and to increase employment opportunities,

e)             Providing career support services for disabled individuals to participate in business life and increase employment opportunities,

f)              To develop and carry out successful joint projects in cooperation with organizations such as foundations, non-governmental organizations, municipal centers, agencies, backup centers related to the disabled individuals,

g)             To open vocational and personal skill development courses for disabled individuals and to record the success of the trainees with a certificate,

h)             To give seminars to different segments of society in order to increase public awareness,

i)              To organize national and international scientific meetings in order to develop the current situation, future improvements and solutions for the active participation of disabled individuals in social life,

j)              Publishing periodicals and books within the center,

k)             To provide psychological support that disabled individuals may need in their active participation in social society and business life.

l)              Vision

Carrying its work into the future in line with its current mission; to provide more qualified services to disabled individuals and their families and other segments of the society by transferring contemporary, universal, scientific and technological developments to education and implementation with the philosophy of continuous innovation;

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