Interview: Where Is Advertising Going? Workshop: How to Write an Ad?


In the context of Lecturer Benian Kalafatoğlu's Copywriting course, IAU Advertising Workshop 2018-2019 period 12th Activity "Where is Advertising Going?" interviewing and “How to Write an Ad” workshop were held. 

Ozan Özüm ÖZBEY, Creative Director of Alametifarika, who took time to our event, while talking about how the internet trends that feed creativity and change rapidly every year and how an advertiser can analyze these changes, ended the day with a brief given to students. As a result of the workshop, 2 lucky and successful students had the opportunity of internship at Alametifarika. We wish success to our students, Ali Ekin Koç and Doğa Can Yıldız, who will do internship at Alametifarika this summer!


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