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Mission There are various techniques that institutions implement to meet the communication requirement in an age which involves rapid and intensive changes and transformations, gradually enlarging competition environment as well as investments and breakthroughs observed in many areas. Considered as one of the most important techniques in this respect, advertisements play a significant role to introduce and sell products and services with respect to the realization of communication as one of the objectives. Therefore, advertising is gaining more and more importance regarding both the demands and expectations of the sector and also the application of scientific studies. Assuming to bridge over between corporations and consumers, advertisers perform a critical function with their qualifications and accumulation of knowledge. Hence, advertising sector necessitates qualified, well-equipped and highly knowledgeable employees.   Program Opportunities
• Double Major
• Minor
• International double degree
• International Exchange programmes (1 or 2 semesters)
• Graduate degree   Career Opportunities The graduates of advertising department can have job opportunities as “customer representatives,” strategic planning specialists,” brand managers,” media planning specialist” or “research experts” in advertising agencies, media planning and research companies.



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