ISU Presidency Election (2019-2020)

​​​​We are currently seeking a president for International Student Union in Istanbul Aydın University for the 2019 - 2020 academic year election in order to increase the international students' voice in Istanbul Aydın University.

International Student Union (ISU) unites member organizations representing countries, cultures and causes and rights of international students in Istanbul Aydın University.

In order to become a President Candidate for ISU 2019 - 2020 elections you need to fulfil the conditions below;

Requirements for being a candidate:

   a)To be a student at Istanbul Aydın University

   b) Completed one year of being a student at Istanbul Aydın University

   c) Absenteeism should be at maximum %20

   d) The student who did not take disciplinary action.

   e) Students whose Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is below 2.50 cannot apply.

   fGood knowledge of English Language

 Please click on the documents to download:​

        1) ISU Presidency Candidate Application formAppendix_1_ISU_App. Form.docx 

        2) Motivation LetterAppendix_2_Motivation Letter.docx      

        3) Elements of an Effective Campaign PlanAppendix_3_Elements of an Effective Campaign Plan.docx 


Please direct all inquiries and applications to ISSA Office. Applications will be accepted until Thursday, December 5  at 17:00ISU Calender 2019-2020.pdf ​

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