Aims and Objectives

  1.  To maintain the social and academic welfare of international students at Aydin University by fostering a sense of community/solidarity.
  2.  To assist and welcome incoming international students to IAU in coordination with the Office of International Student Services
  3.  To ensure that the rights and interests of all International Students are suitably represented and protected.
  4.  To integrate all of IAU students by organizing and participating in different social, cultural and intellectual events.
  5.  To promote relations between the International Students and both local and national student organizations in Türkiye in order to further common objectives.
  6.  To oppose and bring to light any discrimination, injustice, inequality or intolerance that obstructs the social life and academic achievement of international students.
  7.  ​To foster a greater understanding among International students in IAU without any bias to any particular ethnic, sexual, religious, or political cause and thus avoid discriminate on the basis of ethnic, religion, creed, gender, political or sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental ability, language proficiency, nationality or country of origin.

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