ISU Aims & Objectives

1- Support and Welfare : Providing support and assistance to international students to ensure their well-being and smooth adaptation to the university environment. This can involve addressing accommodation issues, offering guidance on academic matters, and helping with administrative processes.


2 - Cultural Exchange and Integration : Promoting cultural diversity and integration among international students and the local community. This could include organizing events, workshops, and activities to showcase different cultures, traditions, and customs.


3 - Academic and Career Development : Organizing workshops, seminars, and career fairs to enhance international students' academic performance and improve their career prospects.


4 -  Advocacy and Representation : Representing the interests and concerns of international students to the university administration and relevant authorities. This includes addressing issues related to academic policies, or any other matters affecting international students.


5 - Social and Recreational Activities : Arranging social events, trips, and recreational activities to foster a sense of community among international students and provide opportunities for networking and friendship.


6 - Volunteer and Outreach Programs : Encouraging international students to engage in volunteer work and community service to contribute positively to society.


7 - Language Support : Providing language support for international students, such as language workshops or conversation partners, to help improve their language skills.


8 - Information Dissemination : Keeping international students informed about university updates, events, and any changes that may affect them.


9 - Promotion of Internationalization : Collaborating with the university administration to foster a more international-friendly environment and encourage cross-cultural interactions on campus.


10 - Solving Problems and Disputes : Acting as a mediator in resolving disputes or conflicts that may arise among international students or between international students and local students.


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