Organization Tasks

According to official legislation for our organization published in the official journal of Turkish Republic dated 03.07.2014 and numbered 29059:​​

Duties of Director:

- Represent the center
- To chair the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board
- To organize research projects and submit them to the approval of the Rector
- In the application and research centers, presenting to the Rector and Board of Trustees for the review of all kinds of project and consultancy services requested from the outside and putting them into practice after approval 
- To ensure implementation according to the principles of project or consultancy services
- To prepare the activity plan and program of the special budget period and the estimated budget each year and present to the Board of Directors and then present the approved form by the Board of Directors for the approval of the Rector

Duties of Board of  Directors:

To conclude the estimated budget and the annual activity plan and schedule of the center for each year's special budget period prepared by the director
- To conclude the proposed decision made by the Manager when major changes to the plan, program and budget are required during the year
- To evaluate developments related to the Center's activities during the year to make proposals that will increase the efficiency
- To make decisions on the establishment of scientific rules, working groups and units to be included in the center, to determine their working procedures and to ensure the necessary coordination between them
To conclude the yearly activity report of the center for each year's special budget period prepared by the director

Duties of Board of  Directors:

- To convey the evaluations on the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out by the center
- To present the views and proposals to the Director within the framework of the Center's objectives

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