Computing Cluster


In 2019, ARCAS found a chance to contribute the studies of experimental data analysis by computing resources with the ATLAS and CMS collaborations, of which the personnel of center are members. ATLAS, is one of the experiments at CERN, started to build the substructure of computing and data stream in 2004. According to that, the raw data taken at Tier-0 (center of experiment)  is supposed to distributed to Tier-1 and Tier-2 (at the institutes around the world) hierarchically, to be processed in CERN analysis facilities and re-processed with data management by the researchers. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), developed with that purpose, is built at same year and completed the offline tests and processed the first data successfully. On the other hand, the institutes predict that a central grid such as storing raw data, distribute and decomposing it with different algorithms, would not meet the requirements of researchers. During the period, Tier-3g centers which are not central and under the control of the institutes they built in, are developed according to needs of researchers. These centers are parts of WLCG and can store latest data and perform the analyses according to institutes’ priorities. The studies at Tier-3g center in Istanbul Aydin University become crucial for the analyses using the high luminosity data of LHC which is planned to run until 2023. At these studies the latest experimental data will be analized with multi-cored processor according to its type (D3PD, xAOD).

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