General Information

The main objective of the program is training the "Child Development Specialist" who is capable of preparing new generation of students with education programs varying by age and aiming at children's multifaceted development at the level in compliance with the requirements of the age, are able to determine risk factors starting from prenatal period, identify preventive approaches for the children at risk and raise awareness of parents.

Department Opportunities:

1. Minor

2. Double Major

3. Studying abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)

4. Various options for graduate studies 

Career Opportunities:

Following their graduation many opportunities await out students at Academia as scholars; at Private Education Institutions, Supervision and Research Canters, Child and Youth Canters, General Directorate of Child Services, Ministry of Family and Social Services, Child Services General Directorate, Children's Houses., as Child Development Worker at the General Directorate of Social Policies, Family Counseling Canters, Protection, Care and Rehabilitation Canters, General Directorate of Security, at its Child Branch Directorate/ Bureau Chief; as Experts, Consultants or Founders in the preparation and execution of child-youth and education programs on radio and television, at kids theatre and movie industry, in the preparation process of publications such as books, magazines and newspapers for children, in the production process of educational toys, at international organizations such as UNICEF, ILO and voluntary organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations wherein they act as administrators and supervisors.

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