Child Development

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The aim of the program; to prepare children for the future with educational programs suitable for their age and level of development so that they can adapt to their environment, to prepare programs that target the multi-dimensional development of the child in accordance with the needs of the age, and to identify risk factors starting from the prenatal period, to determine preventive approaches for children at risk and to raise awareness among parents to raise child developers.

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  The message of the Head of Department

The share of the 0-18 age group, which is our target group, in the population is 28.3%. With their families, more than half of the population expect service from our graduates. With the awareness of this responsibility, it is aimed that our students acquire knowledge, skills, behavior, and attitude in line with universal principles to provide qualified service to the children who are the assurance of our future. On the other hand, our efforts continue for our students to catch up with scientific and technological developments and to use new developments in the education of children and families, and to do masters and doctorate degrees. Consciousness of the best investment to be made in childhood, the creation of a healthy society in the future is our primary goal.

Child Development Head of Department

Dr. Lecturer. Güldalı AYBAŞ

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