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The aim of the Department of Food Engineering is to enable students to gain engineering skills that can use modern science and technology in the processing, preservation, distribution and marketing of food. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to understand the basic principles of disciplines such as chemistry, physics, economics, engineering microbiology, business, nutrition and public health. In the food industry, all theoretical and practical, basic data and methods from the raw material in the food production chain to the final product that the consumer can consume are covered by Food Engineering.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of our Department; Ministry of agriculture and forestry, provincial directorate of food, agriculture and livestock, Health, Finance and customs; of industry and trade ministries, municipalities and project engineer in the private sector, Investment Specialist, supervisor, and quality control can work as a specialist. Also, cereals, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry and fish product with high quality products at minimum cost in the relevant field or factory foods food production, from production to marketing of steps in solving problems of control can operate successfully.

In many countries of the world, from America to Japan accepted the validity; Section, course content in terms of quality assessment and certification sections of the Faculty of engineering and faculty have the authority and theCouncil of Higher Education (YÖK) recognized by the association for evaluation and accreditation of engineering programs MÜDEK, Istanbul Aydın University, Engineering Faculty, Food Engineering Department has accredited.

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  Message from Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Z. Dilek HEPERKAN.jpgWith emerging information technology and information anywhere in the world, with the ability to be able to practice your profession, which can follow these developments and technological innovations, using research methods that you can implement social, ethical, conscious and responsible 'food engineers' an education program to raise with you, our valued youth barriers to adopting a system of thought that we can overcome together we are innovative. In this regard, in engineering, basic sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry and food engineering design and analysis to solve practical engineering problems in the laboratory by using the information in light of national and international multidisciplinary areas of study, the researcher developed and creative thinking skills are continuing our efforts to generation. I wish that you would not stop researching, learning and questioning during your education...

Prof. Dr. Z. Dilek HEPERKAN


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