Industrial Engineering (English)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Istanbul Aydin University Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program is to create a world-class academic environment and train students by conducting industrial engineering teaching and research in cooperation with the business world. Our department is dedicated to raising graduates who are competent, pioneers, and able to adapt to technological and social changes.

Engineers, who graduated from our Industrial Engineering department, can solve the problems in their professional fields by applying their industrial engineering knowledge and skills such as analytical thinking and systems thinking. They can actively participate in the analysis, design, implementation and development of systems in the production and service sectors. In addition, they reach the level where they can participate in graduate degree programs or continue their professional development through workshops, training programs, certificate programs or independent studies.

Our graduates undertake important tasks in the creation and effective and efficient management of competition systems in the industry, service and public sectors. Equipped with technical and management knowledge in the department; product development, product design chain, project management, experimental design, computer integrated design and manufacturing, productivity engineering, total productive maintenance, quality systems, production planning, human resources management, information management, after-sales technical They find opportunities to work in areas such as support and service process management.

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  Message from Head of the Department

Istanbul Aydın University Industrial Engineering Department aims to train students as pioneering engineers ready for global competition by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and competencies required by the age. With an innovative, creative, interdisciplinary, problem-based and practice-oriented education approach, it aims to train engineers with strong ethical values, who have strong problem-solving skills, who research, demonstrate a critical approach, question, think independently, and apply their knowledge on real engineering problems. In addition to the basic courses, our students have the chance to specialize in the field they want and gain an interdisciplinary perspective by making use of the elective course pools offered by the department, faculty and university. The diversity of engineering programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering offers our students the opportunity to develop themselves in other fields with minor and double major programs.

Istanbul Aydın University Industrial Engineering Department aims to be among the respected research institutions in our country and in the world, with its teaching staff, each of which consists of respected academics in their field.

Prof. Dr. M. Nafiz DURU


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