Career Opportunities

​​​​​​The graduates of law faculty can perform many tasks, use power and obtain footings including political and social responsibilities. Legists can function in almost every area of social life and state. First of all, they can profess occupations such as Judicature, Attorneyship, Notaryship that only law faculty graduates can profess. They can work at every stages of political parties; in political life as deputy, minister and so on; at all levels of the central and provincial administration of the state as constable, governor, undersecretary, administrator, etc.; in local administrations as president or member; in various units of government business enterprises; in associations, foundations, trade unions and other social institutions as member or administrator; in companies as member of board, chief executive of company, auditor, expert or legal counsel consultant. In addition, they can work in higher judicial bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights, Supreme Court, Council of State, Court of Accounts. They may be promoted to embassy by starting as career employees in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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