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 Kariyer Olanakları

Graduates fulfill duties, use power and own statutes containing political and social responsibilities. Jurists work in any fields of social life or state levels. Primarily, they perform the duties that only law faculty graduates can, such as practise of judge, lawyer and notary. They perform in any levels of political parties; as a member of parliament or a minister in political life; a a constable, a governor, an undersecretary, an administrator in any levels of the state's central or the field administration; as a chief or member of the local government; in any units of the state economic enterprises; as a chief or member of the associations, foundations, unions and the other civil society organizations; as a borad member, a general manager, an auditor, an expert and a legal advisor of companies. They also perform in the supreme courts such as European Court of Human Rights, Court of Casation, Council of State and Court of Account; Foreign Ministry rising from government official to embassy.


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