​​​​​​​​​​​Having been founded in 2008, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law has continued to make a significant contribution to legal education and discipline since day one. Among our graduates, there are many legists who have classical legal professions such as advocacy, judicature and prosecution.

In addition to compulsory courses in all law schools, law disciplines that are emerging and will have intense field of application in future are provided for students as elective courses. Our purpose and mission statements are educating lawyers with a solid legal formation and ensuring the students have made legal thinking into conscious reflexive. Our greatest reference in structuring our education in our faculty is our graduates who are directing the practice of law and legal discipline.

We accept each student as our "colleagues" from the first semester and aim to educate them with the confidence of a "legal practitioner" and a "juridical scientist" in accordance with their future responsibilities.

Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Law does not only aim for the education of its students, but also creates and mediates the formation of an environment for information and opinion sharing between juridical scientists, lawyers, judges and prosecutors through scientific symposiums, congresses and seminars. Our students are given priority and their participation is ensured in all scientific meetings on juridical science.

The importance of foreign language and international connections in legal education should not be trivialized and ignored. We are encouraging our students and giving them the opportunity of learning many foreign languages, that are internationally valid and commonly spoken, in other parts of our university with the understanding of that no "lawyer candidate" should be imposed a foreign language education and his/her love and motivation to legal education should not be damaged.

Our students who fulfill the application conditions within the framework of student exchange agreements with foreign faculties are sent to many European universities with best legal education on the purpose of gaining knowledge and good manner and ensuring development of their mentalities within the scope of comparative law.

We are conscious of that a good law education cannot be achieved only by theoretical compulsory courses, but also by way of the students' involvement in the application of the law at the same time. For this reason, our students have been obligated to have internship in attorney offices or courts one day a week. Thus, our students are able to observe and experience the direct and unceasing practice of legal knowledge they have learned in their courses and they will be ready for this profession when they graduate. The advantages of experiencing the profession that will be performed by the student in future are beyond argument. 

Prof. Dr. Erol ULUSOY

Vice Dean 

güncelleme: 15.8.2018 18:21