Beloved students of the Faculty of Law, and prospective colleagues;

The Faculty of Law is organized to ensure you are offered the best law education to involve you as the cogs of the components in our Justice System; the prosecution, the defense and the judgement.

Both the academic and the administrative personnel endeavor to ensure the Law education you are offered may lead you in your professional career. Our faculty, with their mastery and experience, contribute to this purpose.

It is our primary objective that you follow your classes, being aware of your liability against your prospective career, and are self-motivated to conduct your own researches and studies. Please do, and be undaunted by doing so.

The Faculty of Law offers elective courses for those of you seeking specialization in certain fields. Please do not neglect this opportunity.

You are strongly advised to build a specialized career on your theoretical knowledge you acquire during your mandatory courses, and to consult to the Dean's Office and the faculty.

Beloved students and prospective colleagues;

What you mean to us is what your faculty means to you. This is the initial step you have taken, and the beginning of the road you set off to contribute to the manifestation of Justice by choosing the Faculty of Law. With the trust we build on your prospective contributions to the legal practice, we wish you a distinctive, distinguished and disciplined education in law.

Dean: Prof. Vahit Doğan, PhD

güncelleme: 20.9.2021 16:26