Doctorate After Master's Degree

  • Application Form
  • Resume
  • 4 Photos
  • Copy of National ID Card
  • Original of Military Service Document
  • Diploma (Original or notarized copy of bachelor's degree diploma or notarized copy of temporary graduation certificate for bachelor's degree. In case of foreign university graduation; certificate of recognition from Council of Higher Education (for foreign students), equivalence certificate (for Turkish students) and notary approved Turkish translation of the bachelor's degree diploma and transcript.
  • Original or notarized copy of Bachelor's Degree Transcript. (Those who apply for doctorate degree with a bachelor's degree must have at least 3 out of 4 of the bachelor's graduation grade point averages.)
  • YDS, KPDS, ÜDS (Indefinite) and TOEFL (the document that has not exceeded 2 years) Language Documents.
  • ALES Result Document (the document that has not exceeded 3 years and has at least 80 standard points from the type of point the applicant applied)
  • At least two reference letters
  • 1 letter of intent

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