Delightful Istanbul Summer School

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Would you like to come and join our fantastic Delightful Istanbul Summer Program at IAU?


This summer (24 July - 6 August 2022), we will be offering 7 courses for 3 ECTS credits. Students will select one course that matches their field of study and academic interests. Students will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills. They will have lectures by IAU instructors, reading materials, videos and discussion forums in IAU. Students who complete the attendance requirements and pass their exams successfully will be awarded an official transcript by IAU.

Students from our partner universities are most welcome to participate with an advantageous fee. They can transfer the course credits earned back to their home university, subject to the regulations of their home university.

Delightful Istanbul Summer Program courses in 2022:

IAU reserves the right to cancel any of the courses if insufficient enrollment occurs (Less than 10 participants)

You can check our videos and photos from our previous Delightful Programs;

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  • - Cancellation period 4 to 8 weeks before the program begins 80% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 to 4 weeks before the program begins 60% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 weeks before the program begins fees are not refundable.

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