Admission Road Map

Apply for Visa

After getting admission in Istanbul Aydin University apply for visa immediately to your closest Turkish Consulate/ Embassy.
Important Note:
  • Tuition fee will be refunded on certain conditions:
    • - Student could not get the visa
    • - Tuition fee will not be refunded if student will get the visa and will not arrive the university.
    • - Student should apply for refund immediately with in one month of end of final registration period (in case of visa rejection)
  • - Tuition Fee will not be refunded in case of cancelation of Registration


The equivalency is a process of recognition foreign (associate, bachelor and master's degree) diplomas taken from the higher education institutions abroad. You can also get Equivalency thorugh Turkish Embassy / Consulate in your country or after reaching Turkey.

Look for Accomodation

Your research isn't complete until you've seen the campus. Come out to Open Days or join us for a campus tour.

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