Our Mission

Development Objective (long term):

    • To create a culture of peace at the national, regional and international levels, by promoting peace education
    • To serve as a network to ​bring policy makers, academicians and civil society to adapt the new means and the best practices for the peaceful settlement
    • To assist UNESCO in order to contribute to peace and human development


Specific Objective (short term):

  • To provide peace education programmes to women and the youths
  • To offer trainings and workshops on peace-building skills for women and the youths
  • To establish a research-driven MA program on peace studies and conflict resolution at Istanbul Aydın University
  • To integrate peer mediation practices into elementary and university education through a series of multiple-projects
  • To establish a documentation center and a database about conflict resolution and mediation
    • To create an interdisciplinary network of researchers on the culture of peace​

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