Prof. Dr. Celal Nazım İREM - Chairholder

Celal Nazım İREM is a professor at the department of Political Science and international Relations and the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Istanbul Aydin University. His research interests are Conservatism, European Modernism, and Nationalism.



Nazlı AKYÜZ -- Coordinator

Nazlı Akyüz is the Coordinator of UNESCO Chairs in our university. She received her MA in Global Political Economy from University of Sussex (England). Her research interests are Turkish Politics, Civil Society, Social Movements and Political Economy. She is about to finalize her P.hD thesis on Environmental Activism in the Eastern Black Sea Region in Bahcesehir University.
Akyüz was also a Deputy candidate of Istanbul 3rd Electoral District in the 28th term elections.

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