​​The Middle East and Caucasus Application and Research Center, affiliated to Istanbul Aydın University, has taken on an important task including playing the role of a scientific and cultural bridge between the Republic of Turkey and Middle East - Caucasus countries and communities. In this regard, the Center has the mission of strengthening the common grounds between the Turkish Republic and Middle East – Caucasus countries through social, political, economic, cultural activities and adding value to the solidarity of the peoples in this way.

Our mission for the university community, students and Turkish state and nation; to introduce our cognates in Turkish world and our close neighbors in the Middle East; to increase the social, economic and cultural relations that exist between our peoples to a higher level; to educate secular, democratic individuals who are equipped with nation and country consciousness and loyal to Ataturk and modern Turkish Republic; to conduct research that will contribute to the society in accordance with these principles; to support activities and to fulfill this mission thoroughly under all circumstances. One of the most important tasks of our Center is to carry out studies that will enable us to get closer to or even exceed the goal of modern civilization determined by Ataturk. 

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