Organization Tasks

Mission tasks
             ARTICLE 9 - (1) The duties of the Mission are:
             A) To prepare and carry out the annual activity plan for realizing the objectives of the center,
             B) Representing the Center, presiding over the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board,
             C) To determine the agenda of the Board of Directors and to implement the decisions taken,
             D) To provide coordination and supervision among the units within the headquarters,
             E) To communicate and work with national and international organizations,
             EF Preparing the Annual Activity Report of the Headquarters and the units connected to the Center and presenting to the Rectorate.

Duties of the board
             ARTICLE 11 - (1) The duties of the Executive Board are:
             A) To prepare the Center's work program, to develop it in line with the needs and to present the Master Plan,
             B) To create projects and research groups in the center and to evaluate the works,
             C) To determine the principles of cooperating with the university units, national and international persons, institutions and organizations to be assigned to courses, internship, certificate and similar programs and to cooperate on matters related to the activities of the center,
             D) Presenting the Müdüre by preparing the Center's annual activity report.

Duties of the advisory board
             ARTICLE 13 - (1) The duties of the Advisory Board are:
             A) transferring the evaluations of the Center's activities to increase the efficiency and productivity of the Center,
             B) To present the views and proposals to the Presidency within the framework of the Center's aims.

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