Activities in 2014-2015

Afro-Turks Panel

Afro-Turks Panel was organized with the participation of Gökçen Çatlı Özen from Istanbul Aydın University Department of Sociology, Mustafa Olpak, Alev Karakartal and Nilüfer Körükmezin on İAÜ Florya Campus, 23 May 2014.

The Stars of Africa II: Entrepreneurship in Africa Conference

"Africa's Stars II: Entrepreneurship in Africa Conference" was held with the participation of Zuhal Mansfield, Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK)/Turkish-Africa Works Councils Coordinator Head Assistant, as part of Africa's Stars Activity Series on IAU Florya Campus, 20 October 2014.

South African Delegation's IAU Visit

South African business people delegation headed by Vika M. Khumalo, the Ambassador of Republic of South Africa, visited Istanbul Aydın University on 11 November 2014. The Delegate was informed by the Rector Prof. Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ and Dr. Yüksel Yalova, the President of Afrikam, about the structure and activities of Istanbul Aydın University as part of the visit organized by IAU Africa Research and Application Center (Afrikam). A consultation was held with Ambassador Khumalo to develop the cooperation between IAU and the Republic of South Africa on the subjects of joint curriculum and student exchange. The visiting delegation toured the Techno Center and fashion and jewelry design workshops of the University after the Head of Department of Textile Engineering Prof. Dr. Nazmi Ercan's presentation about the activities of the department.

Consultation Meeting with the Morocco Consul General Istanbul, Mostapha Shibi

Morocco Consul General Istanbul, Mostapha Shibi was hosted by AFRIKAM and the considerations for developing cooperation in the field of education between Turkey and Morocco were counseled on IAU Florya Campus, 17 December 2014.

"The Phenomenon of Migrating from Africa" in Turkey: "Staying Here"

The documentary film with the title of "Hope, Hopelessness and the Future: African immigrants in Turkey" shot by Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, with the aim of bringing light to the African immigrants in Turkey and an interview was made right after.

Colonialism and Cinema Conference

Istanbul Aydın University Africa Application and Research Center (AFRIKAM) organized Colonialism and Cinema Conference with the participation of Director Yüksel Aksu on 22 December 2014. Starting his speech by emphasizing that cinema was invented at the peak of colonialism and cinema is colonialist in terms of fiction, Aksu expressed that African cinema began during 1960s and Turkish cinema began with the mental structure of colonization. Underlying the indirect influence of colonialism on the birth and development of Turkish cinema and Egyptian cinema's influence on Turkish cinema (Yeşilçam), Aksu said that filmmaker identity was started with a colonialist mindset in Turkey and this has continued to be the case during post colonialist period. Aksu, who gave examples from old Soviet Cinema, the Central and East Europe and Iranian cinema that the colonialist mentality was not dominant, made a representation to show documentaries and film samples shot with colonial languages of countries in Africa.

Africa Conference at the Center of Global Competition

Investigative-writer Ufuk Tepebaş conducted a conference titled "Africa at the Center of Global Competition" organized by AFRIKAM at Istanbul Aydın University on 25 December 2014. Starting his presentation by giving general information about Africa, Tepebaş shared valuable information on many topics from the history of Africa to the effects of colonialism, from recovery process to Africa's current potential and economic transformation process. Approaching the current competition environment of Africa in terms of both traditional powers and rising economies, Tepebaş discussed the relations with African countries starting from Turkey's expansion action programme in 1998 to today in terms of historical, economic, cultural and diplomatic dimensions.

International Africa Conference

International Africa Conference was held by Istanbul Aydın University Africa Application and Research Center with the support of T.R. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the cooperation of Foreign Economic Relations Board on Florya Campus, 6 May 2015.

Important names such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Secretary Ali Kemal Aydın, the member of Board of Directors of DEİK Fuat Tosyalı, France UN Permanent Representation Former Military Mission Chief General Dominique Trinquand,  Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Ankara Vika M. Khumalo, Ambassador of Rwanda to Ankara Caesar Kayizari, International Criminal Courts Residual Mechanism Judge Ambasador Dr. Aydın Sefa Akay, IAU Head of the Department of Economy and Finance Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar, EDAM member Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arda, Basel University Instructor and Director of CSEND Prof. Raymond Saner, London University SOAS Instructor Dr. Carlos Oya, Kadir Has University Instructor Dr. Catherine Long and Koç University Research Assistant Ariel Gonzalez attended the conference where global and regional actors' foreign policies for Africa and the current governance and democracy problems of economic developments in African regions were evaluated by experts and academicians.  

21st Commemoration Ceremony of the Rwanda Genocide

A commemorative ceremony was organized with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda in Ankara on Istanbul Aydın University Florya Campus, 7 May 2015 with the occasion of the 21st anniversary of Rwanda Genocide. The founder director of AFRIKAM-Dr. Yüksel Yalova, the Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda in Ankara-Caesar Kayizari and International Criminal Courts Residual Mechanism Judge Ambassador-Dr. Aydın Sefa Akay attended as speakers to the panel, organized in the context of the ceremony that started with the video presentation prepared for the Rwanda Genocide in 1994.  

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