It has been decided to establish a Vocational School of Health Services in our university in order to solve the problem of lack of qualified personnel in health field at the Executive Council of Higher Education's meeting dated 05.04.2012. 

Having been established with the Council of Higher Education's decision taken at the General Board meeting held on 03.03.2012, the Vocational School of Health Services has started its academic life with the programs of Oral and Dental Health, Anesthesiology, Dental Prosthesis Technology, Physiotherapy, First and Emergency Aid Technician, Opticians, Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics, Radiotherapy, Medical Imagining Techniques, Medical Laboratory Technics. Later, Surgery Services, Dialysis, Disable Care and Rehabilitation, Electroneurophysiology, Audiometry, Pathology Laboratory Techniques, Perfusion Techniques, Medical Documentation Techniques programs were included to the social services program during the Academic Year 2014-2015. Currently, our students are carrying out their two-year associate degree education with intensive theoretical and practical lectures along with the latest technological equipment by benefiting from 19 programs and 18 laboratories of our university. 

Serving with a laboratory capacity of 1300 m2 during the Academic Year 2014-2015, the Vocational School has reached an area and laboratory capacity of 6920 m2 after the Academic Year 2014-2015 and it continues to provide education to more than 3000 students for the present.



As the Vocational School of Health Services, our mission is providing career oriented higher education to all students of our country, using the facilities equipped with the latest technology while preparing the students for the future, educating reliable health personnel with a high level of knowledge and skills and becoming a leader institution in this field.


  1. Being deeply loyal to Atatürk's Principles/Revolutions and the achievements of the Republic
  2. Presenting an education by using contemporary technologies
  3. Being professionally competent and open to improvements
  4. Following the ethical and moral values
  5. Being respectful to global and social values
  6. Having good communication skills and sense of obligation


Our vision is developing new medical diagnostic and medical care programs in line with the needs of the health sector in order to improve the quality of education and training, being a pioneering higher education institution where sustainable innovations are springing to life.


  1. Being a first choice as a Vocational School
  2. Educating pacemaker personnel for the health sector
  3. Educating prestigious personnel who give confidence to his/her sector
  4. Reaching the education standards to be able to compete with national and international institutions

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