Dialysis Laboratory


  • The students of this program;

    Our dialysis application laboratory, provided with technical equipment including Hemodialysis Devices and Peritoneal Dialysis Model in international standards, was established in order to educate dialysis technicians who have the professional knowledge and competency required by the sector, are able to provide the best dialysis services by following current affairs in the direction of constant development and education targets.

    Our students can benefit from the opportunity of practicing dialyzing and ending the procedure of dialyzing, performing patient follow-up procedures and applications on peritoneal device during dialysis by using arterio-venous with fistula arm models. They can begin their professional business lives as competent technicians with the experiences gained during their educations.

    Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

    To have enough knowledge about occupational safety, personal protective equipment, sterilization, disinfection and medical waste management,

    To have knowledge and practice about universal precautions to be protected from blood-borne diseases,

    To have the necessary knowledge and skills about establishment and protection of vascular access,

    To learn the complications that patients may experience during analysis and to be able to protect patients from these complications,

    To know and be able to use the materials used in laboratories,

    To be directly accountable for connecting the patient to dialysis machine and using the machine,

    To have enough knowledge about basic principles of water demineralization and application methods and to have enough skills to check through the machine,

    To know and be able to use hemodialysis devices,

    To know and be able to use dialyzers,

    To have the ability to perform follow-up effectively while the patient is in dialysis,

    To prepare the patient for Peritoneal Dialysis and to perform the follow-up of the patient,

    To give importance to human health and ethical values.

  • Laboratory Equipment (Devices and Equipment)

    • Conventional Hemodialysis Device
    • Peritoneal Dialysis Model
    • Defibrillator
    • Aspirator
    • EKG Monitor Device
    • Water Treatment Schema

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