Anesthesia Laboratory


The students of this program;

Anesthesia is one of the indispensable elements of surgical sciences. Anesthesia technicians will be assisted by anesthesiologists should know:

·         *Preparation of surgical environments,

·         * Use and maintenance of equipment, keeping it ready for the next operation.

·         * And should be able to fulfill the duties they are entitled by knowing their authority and responsibilities in operating room, reanimation and emergency services. 

In the light of the information they have received, they perform applications with advanced simulators and equipment in our laboratories.

Skills Acquired Through Applied Education

·         To have enough knowledge about preparation of operating room environment, personal protective equipment, sterilization, disinfection and medical waste management

·         Taking the patient to the operating room in accordance with the patient acceptance and surgical procedure and providing the necessary position

·         To have enough information about the complications and precautions that may occur during surgery

·         To be able to control and use the devices to be used before operation (anesthesia device, oxygen supply, laryngoscope, aspirator device and defibrillator to be used in emergency situations)

·         To be able to follow the patient accurately with all parameters from the monitor during the surgical procedure

·         To have information about invasive procedures (peripheral catheter, CVP catheter, arterial catheter) and material to be prepared

·         To be able to intubate the patient, to give oxygen to the patient with balloon valve mask, to have knowledge and application skills of drugs given by infusion and injector pump

·         To be able to apply what to do in CPR model in case of development of cardiopulmonary arrest

·         To be able to perform all the physical evaluations of the patient on the simulator device and to draw the patient's ECG in case of emergency

Laboratory Equipment (Apparatus and Equipment)


·         Anesthesia device

·         Adult simulator

·         Operating room table

·         Operating room lamp

·         Defibrillator

·         Aspirator

·         Junior CVP

·         Vascular Path arm model

·         Ambu Baby CPR model


·         Laryngoscope sets

·         Single Channel ECG Device

·         Shocker

·         Injector Pump

·         Ventilator

·         Nerve stimulation device

·         Infusion Pump

·         Sphygmomanometer and Stethoscope

·         Intubation tubes



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