Anatomy Laboratory


Students of this program;

In addition to the theoretical courses, the latest model of anatomical models in the laboratory creates an application area for the students in Anatomy Laboratory Health Services Vocational High School, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Dentistry. Students have the opportunity to examine the human body in separate sections with modern models in the anatomy laboratory and are also trained with supported 3D programs during the application..  

Skills Acquired Through Applied Education

​   * To have the theoretical and practical knowledge about anatomical (movement, circulatory, respiratory, nerve, endocrine, urogenital and digestive system) characteristics of human organ systems

   *Topographic anatomy; To be able to define the trigon, fossa, regios by dissecting deeply from the surface

   * To have a basic knowledge about clinical anatomy, ie, the clinical implications and highlights of normal anatomical structures.


Laboratory Equipment (Apparatus and Equipment)

                o    Musculoskeletal system

                o    Respiratory system

                o    The circulatory system

                o    Urogenital system

                o    Digestive system

                o    Nervous system

                o    3D anatomy models

                o    3D anatomy atlas

                o    3D Computer (3D Imaging)

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