​​Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV) was established in 1995. This Foundation demanded the establishment of Anadolu BİL Vocational School in order to solve the problem of unemployment and lack of qualified personnel by applying to the Council of Higher Education Presidency in 2003.

Anadolu BİL Vocational School, directly affiliated to the Council of Higher Education as a first in Turkey, was established with the Council of Higher Education's General Assembly Resolution dated 26.09.2003 and numbered 106.

Anadolu BİL Vocational School proposed 12 programs by considering the need for qualified personnel of the industrial and business world of our country and also the European Union countries as a further objective.

The works to establish Istanbul Aydın University, which will be directly affiliated to the Council of Higher Education, have been carried out and proposed to the Council of Higher Education Presidency. This proposal was approved by the General Board of the Council of Higher Education. Istanbul Aydın University was established with the law numbered 5656 Appx. - 73 published in the Official Gazette dated 18.05.2007 and numbered 26526 by following the necessary legal procedures.

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