International students should get in touch with International Office in order to get information regarding graduate programs and requirements.

    2- How can I apply for supervisor selection?

    Student are required to determine their thesis and project supervisors until the end of their first semester in accordance with the regulation regarding graduate studies.

    It is essential to submit supervisor approval form, which can be found on our website, along with the necessary approvals.

    3- How can I change your supervisor?

    You can apply for supervisor change by filling the supervisor change form which can be found on our website. You need to forward approved form to the institute.

    4- What are the necessary steps for thesis/dissertation/project subject determination?

    Master's students are required to determine their thesis/project subjects until the end of second semester. You need to submit dissertation title approval form ( term project topic form for the non-thesis program students) ,which can be found on our website, to the institute along with the related approvals. For the thesis program students, It is essential to attach thesis proposal to the form.

    Once, Phd students succeed from PhD qualification exam, they are required to conduct their thesis monitoring committee within a month after qualification exam. Then, they are required to present their thesis proposals within six months in presence of the thesis monitoring committee.

    • You can receive related approvals via e-mail due to COVID-19 epidemic.


    5-  How can I change my thesis/dissertation/project topic?

    As you are Master's student, You are supposed to submit thesis topic change form/ term project title change form to the institute along with the related approvals.

    • PhD students can change their topics during thesis monitoring committee.
    • You can receive related approvals via e-mail due to COVID-19 epidemic.


    6- How can I apply for PhD qualification exam?

    Doktora yeterlik başvuruları her yıl Kasım ve Nisan aylarında akademik takvimde yer aldığı şekliyle yapılmaktadır. Web sayfamızda yer alan başvuru formunu doldurarak ilgili olurları aldıktan sonra enstitümüze teslim edebilirsiniz.

    PhD qualification exam applications are accepted in November and April every year as It is stated in the academic calender. You need to fill  applicatıon form for Phd qualification exam , which can be found on our website, and get your supervisor's approval. When you are done with those things, You need to submit them to the institute.

    7-When will PhD proficiency exams are held?

    After PhD qualification applications are finished, Our institute will send the applications to the departments in the form of a cover letter. Afterwards, heads of the departments will send the jury members' information about the exam dates to our institute and a cover letter about the exam dates. Our institute will announce the exam dates come from heads of the departments both on our website and UBIS.

    8- How can I submit my publication to the institute? What are the criterias for article submission?

    For the publications, it is essential to use student e-mail addresses and emphasize our university's name.

    Necessarily, publications must be peer-reviewed. Papers, that are presented in congress or symposiums, must be published in abstract books or full text booklets also.

    For PhD publication requirement, papers must be published in the journals which are scanned on ULAKBIM.

    If you already have a published paper, you can submit it to the institute by filling "Publications Acceptance Form" along with necessary documents.

    9 - How shall I carry thesis defense processes out?

    You need to submit thesis submission and jury selection form to the institute along with the approvals both from your supervisor and head of the department. Also, make sure that you attach your thesis similarity reports to the form.

    After Your jury is approved by the institute, You need to fill the jury thesis submission form ,that states your thesis defence date, with your supervisor and submit it to the institute.

    • Students ,who are registered to Master's programs,  send thesis to the jury members. After sending thesis to jury members, These students can conduct thesis defence 10 days later at the earliest.
    • Students, who are registered to PhD programs, send thesis to the jury members. After sending thesis to jury members, These students can conduct thesis defence 15 days later at the earliest.

    10- How can I submit your thesis to the institute?

    Students ,who are successful with the thesis defence, must send the thesis to the institute as WORD format in order to have their thesis format check.

    Nevertheless,  thesis approved by the institute can be submitted. The relevant process must be done within a month after thesis defence. While indigo blue is used for Master's thesis, black color is used for PhD dissertations. Your graduation will take place in the coming board meeting in the period following thesis submission. Graduation information will be sent via UBIS and your student e-mail addresses.


    11- How can I apply for registration suspension? Is it possible to make application regarding study ?

    You should prepare a petition regarding your request and attach related documents that certify your excuse in accordance with the related article of the regulation of graduate studies. In this regard, If your request meets the articles listed below, your registration can be suspended: *

    a) Health reasons, as demonstrated by a valid health report

    b) When a student must suspend studies because of a natural disaster, This must be verified in a document issued by the highest local authority where the disaster occurred.

    c) When a student provides documentation (passport with entry/exit stamps, certificate and similar documents) that he/she will travel abroad for foreign language studies,

    ç) When a student is arrested or convicted,

    d) When a student is subject to a conviction, which does not require expulsion from an institution of higher education,

    e) When a student, for any reason, loses the right to a suspension of mandatory military service and is required to complete his military service,

    f) When a student goes abroad due to the his/her profession or graduate studies for a limited time or is assigned to an inland institution due to the same reason, 

    g) When a student provides documentation, which shows that she/he is the only one to take care his/her sick first-degree relative,

     ğ) Thesis studies of a student, who meet the requirements of the course successfully, are disrupted due to the lack of equipment and materials required for the studies


    *Students who suspended registration can not make any application.

    12-How dismissed students can apply for the graduate programs again?

    Students, who are dismissed for a certain reason, can apply to our university like their first time.

    After students complete registration procedures, courses that they have taken before can be transferred as department suggests. Dismissed students have %25 discount when they reapply for graduate programs.


    13- When does the institute board gather?

    The institute board gathers every two weeks depending on the academic load of the board members and various reasons. Meeting interval of institute board may change.

    • You should submit your documents to the institute 3 days before board meeting. Otherwise, you have to wait for next board meeting to be held.

    14- How will the exams be held?

    Exam methods such as online test and project depend on the lecturers of the courses. You can contact with your lecturer for all the procedures about exams and lectures.

  • 1-         When will the applications start for the new semester?

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