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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Health Management is a management discipline specific to the field of health services, which aims to efficiently and effectively manage the resources and opportunities of all health institutions and businesses that comprise the health system. The main purpose of the Health Management Department is to contribute to the training of health managers and leaders who can work in all institutions and organizations that take part in all levels of the health sector.

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  The Message of the Head of Department

Dear Students,

The Department of Health Management trains staff in public hospitals, which reduces the costs of health services and increases efficiency and quality. The Health Management Program trains personnel who can provide services to more patients in hospitals and that can produce better services with limited resources. Service production in hospitals and healthcare facilities, control of costs, the satisfaction of the patient and employee healthcare personnel, sterilization of the environment should be standardized or brought. This standardization, which is very important for a letter of credit, is provided by qualified personnel who graduated from the Health Management Program.

The aim of the Health Management Department is to raise strong healthcare personnel who will work at all levels in health institutions and hospitals serving in the public and private health sectors. It aims to train the staff to graduate in the power to solve the economic structure of the public and private health sector and the problems it faces. At the same time, it aims to ensure that the person who graduated from this program is equipped with the health policy of the country, the characteristics of the institutions, the way of management and that they will be able to solve the problems.

Head of Healthcare Management

Assoc. Dr. Haluk ŞENGÜN


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