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To become an education and science center with an international reputation in its field with its scientific studies and qualified graduates.


Turkey's health system could shape the knowledgeable positive, open to development, which can provide scientific contributions to the field, intellectuals, has adopted the principle of adherence to ethical rules is to educate the leaders of a new generation of qualified health managers and health management.

General Information About The Department:

The Health Management Program is a management discipline specific to the field of health services, which aims at efficient and effective management of the resources and facilities of all institutions and enterprises that provide health services in line with social needs. Special in the field of health services; The organization and management of services covering a wide range of specialties such as health insurance, health economics, health law, quality in health services, marketing in health services, strategic management in health, human resources management in health services, health policies, public relations in health institutions and health tourism. Graduates of the Health Management Department, which includes training programs, are given the title of "Health Manager". The training period of the profession is 4 years.

Department Opportunities:

• Minor

• Double major

• Studying abroad with international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)

• Possibility to continue post-graduate programs after graduation

Career Opportunities:

Health management has expanded its scope of application with the approach of managing health by exceeding the limitations of health institutions in recent years. This has increased the need for conceptual, analytical, and technical knowledge, skills, and talented managers and healthcare consultants who can develop more efficient and more innovative solutions in health management and direct the industry. Therefore, health management and health counseling are at the forefront of promising professions in career planning.

Our graduates can work in the relevant units of the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution, public and private hospitals, health insurance and reinsurance institutions, organizations producing and supplying pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumables, health-related research centers, rehabilitation centers, home care services or as academicians in the institutions providing health tourism, in health tourism, health advisory services for health promotion, and universities when they start graduate education.

Progress in the Profession:

After completing their undergraduate education, they can make an academic career by taking a Master's (Doctorate) and Doctorate education. They can work as academic staff in Higher Education Institutions with titles such as Research Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, and Professor. After completing the vocational education, it starts to work as expert personnel in the management units of the health institutions. According to professional success and experience, they can be promoted to assistant manager and manager.

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