General Information

​​​​​​The Department of Accounting and Management has been giving education since 2007 with the aim of educating members of the profession who register, report and analyze all financial transactions of enterprises.

Our aim is ensuring that our graduates have the knowledge and skills to carry out financial transactions of public and private companies in accordance with national and international legislations.

Our students have education on accounting and finance after taking courses on the main fields of economy, business management, mathematics, law and statistics during 4 years-education in the direction of this purpose and aim.

Our students take elective courses from the common pool of Faculty of Accounting and Management in the 3. year and take elective courses according to their interests and personal developments from the common pool of the University in the 4. year. Also, seminars and application courses with experts in their fields are organized and various institution visits are made with the students during the "Workshop" courses given for final year students.

The students who passed the exam of "Professional Accountant Financial Advisor" at the end of education period and completed the relevant internship period can become title holder professionals. It is possible for the advisors with this title to be "Certified Public Accountant" if they complete the relevant conditions.  The students who succeeded at the "Independent Audit" exam carried out by Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority can work as "Independent Auditors" and be responsible for verifying the accuracy and reliability of an establishment's financial transactions on behalf of third parties. Also, they can work as specialists at institutions such as Ministry of Finance, Undersecreteriat of the Treasury, Court of Accounts, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and Capital Markets Board. The students who want to pursue academic career can improve themselves by applying for "Accounting and Auditing" master's degree program within Social Sciences Institute and then "Accounting and Auditing" doctorate program within the same institute.

The department of Accounting and Finance Management is taught mainly in Turkish in our department and the students can continue foreign language preparatory education for one year.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Prof. Dr. Gülümser Ünkaya

                                                                                                                                                           Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance

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