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 Genel Bilgiler

The Mission The accounting and finance unit is an indispensable part of the business, a science that certifies, records, reports and transfers financial information about the financial incidents that occur in businesses. The specialists with accounting and finance knowledge and skills are inseparable elements of both government, business and financial institutions. For this reason, the program primarily focuses on topics such as basic economics, business, mathematics, law, computer, statistics and then deepens the subjects in accounting and finance branch. In addition to Turkish accounting and tax system, information and education are also given on international scale.   Department Facilities
• Sub-branch
• Double major
• International exchange programs and study abroad (1 or 2 semesters)
• Possibility to attend graduate programs after graduation   Career Opportunuties Program graduates are employed in the financial departments of the Ministry of Finance, Undersecretariat of Treasury, court of exchequer, BRSA, CMB, banks and other public institutions and private sector enterprises as a financial auditor, tax auditor, financial analyst, portfolio manager, audit committee member, account specialist, income manager, accounting specialist, financial reporting specialist, budgeting and financial planning specialist, general coordinator of accounting and finance, department head, supervisor and tax auditor. They can also work independently as an independent accountant, financial adviser and chartered accountant.



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