Message from the Director

Dear candidates and students,

Being aware of the meaning and value of art in human and communal life, Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphic Design aims to educate the future's designers with its education program prepared to accomplish this aim. As the people of the innovation age, our department's main aim is educating individuals who observe, analyze the world, our country and the society we live in and able to make the right deduction; have the technical equipment and knowledge related to graphic design and aware of the importance of ethical and esthetic values. Being cognizant of the difficulties of adapting to these procedures without having good equipment and values, our department has developed programs in accordance with these aims at the present time when technics and technology develop at a dazzling pace and transformed the society, where big steps have been taken towards a multicultural world.

Specialists in their fields will present the programs to students in order to educate individuals who are well-equipped and competent in terms of career opportunities and artistic skills at a time when technology develops and business life becomes more complex. Our department has all the necessary technical and visual equipment such as workshops, laboratories and photo studios to achieve these objectives.

Our primary aim is to educate individuals who show interest not only in graphic design but also in other areas of art, able to benefit from different disciplines, have the ability of representation in national and international platforms, can synthesize all these cultural phenomena and produce original ideas and creative designs, and can reach to universal standards.

Asst. Prof. Elanur KIZILŞAFAK 

güncelleme: 20.9.2018 12:39