General Information

​​​​​​​​​​Mission: Our mission is educating cartoon designers and animators needed for a wide range of sectors such as arts, education, cinema, television and advertisement. Educating productive and creative specialists who have artistic, cultural, technical and technological knowledge, skills, equipment and competency required by the field in order to meet this need in quantity and quality.  

There is a need in quantity and quality for specialists of cartoon and animation to meet the needs that will grow even more over time. It is aimed to educate artists who are well-equipped, have outstanding theoretical and technical skills and will participate in different branches of advertising, cinema, multimedia and education sectors at the end of the four-year education that includes the language of cinema and techniques of movie, video, animation and multimedia.

Department Opportunities:

  1. Minor
  2. Double Major
  3. Studying abroad through international exchange programs (1 or 2 semesters)
  4. Master's degree opportunities after graduation

Career Opportunities: The graduates of this department can be researches as well as animation designers and visual effect specialists at art, cinema, video, animation, multimedia production companies, advertising agencies and television institutions. 

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