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 General Information

MISSION of TURKISH LANGUAGE and LITERATURE DEPARTMENT Ourmission is: 1. to introduce and teach TUrkish Language and Literature in it's deep historicalroots and large geographical field. 2. to enlighten students about the masterpieces of Turkish Language and Literature by the aid of modern researc methods. 3. to make students gain the teaching methods of Turkish Language and Literature to everyone at every level.   OPPRORTUNITIES of TURKİSH LANGUAGE and LITERATURE DEPARTMENT . Minor Programme . Double Major Programme . International Change Programmes and Education at European and American Universities (1 or 2 terms) . Master and Phd Programmes   CARRIER OPPRORTUNITIES The graduates of the department can work as Turkish teachers at secondary  schools, universities and language schools. The graduates of the department can become programme productors for TV and radio channels and additionally editors for publishers as well as  having their MA and PhD degrees for better job  opportunities.



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