Delightful Istanbul Summer School

insert ön sayfa.jpgWould you like to come and join our fantastic Summer School Program at IAU?
This summer (29 June - 15 July 2020), once again we will be spending two-weeks in Istanbul. Students will be able to choose one course from a list of six courses offering great knowledge and training in most exciting subjects. All courses contain lots of practical training and field trips.  So come and join our fantastic Delightful Summer Program and explore the beauties of Istanbul, while attending an interesting course and earning ECTS credits. 

Delightful Istanbul 2020 Summer School courses will be announced soon...

Some of our previous courses: 
  • Leadership and Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Intercultural Communication in a Globalized World
  • Web Design
  • Data Mining and Applications
  • Genetics: Working with DNA
  • Taste of Istanbul and Anatolian Food Culture
  • Exploration of the Turkish Art via Museums

IAU reserves the right to cancel any of the courses if insufficient enrollment occurs (Less than 10 participants)

You can check our videos and photos from our previous Delightful Programs;

kisspng-youtube-computer-icons-logo-clip-art-classic-youtube-icon-5ab1bdde227952.3405347515215979181412.jpg Youtube


Delightful Istanbul 2017

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