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 Delightful Istanbul Summer School

Would you like to come and join our fantastic Summer School Program at IAU?
This summer (29 July - 12 August 2018), once again we will be spending two-weeks in Istanbul. Students will be able to choose one course from a list of six courses offering great knowledge and training in most exciting subjects. All courses contain lots of practical training and field trips.  So come and join our fantastic Delightful Summer Program and explore the beauties of Istanbul, while attending an interesting course and earning ECTS credits.

Delightful Istanbul Summer Programs in 2018:

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, innovation has become as a fundamental tool in leadership of managing human resource. Innovation leadership compasses mixing different leadership styles to influence on people to generate creative ideas and solutions. So, the innovative leader has a key role in the practice of leadership to motivate and employ the human recourse along with financial and operational performance. Hence, there is no doubt that innovation in leadership is a vital feature in business growth and success. 

Course Description : The course aims to give a general understanding of basic principles of innovations management and leadership as a mean of ensuring the synergies between different competencies and teach students the recent problems related to impact of leadership to creation of innovation and vice versa. During the course the concept of innovation as a main source of competitiveness and leadership as an ability to manage effectively the human resources and its treatment as a main source of innovations will be covered systematically. The course is designed in two parts which will provide students the opportunity to learn the theoretical part and practical trainings. 

Course Objectives : The aims of the program are to enable participants to: • Understand leading and leadership. • Evaluate the leadership practices required for innovation and change in organizations. • Enhance the creative and innovative thinking skills.

• Be familiar with processes and methods of creative problem solving: observation, definition, representation, evaluation and decision making. 

• Promote communication skills. 

• Discuss about the challenges of organization to face innovation. 

Requirements : An interest in developing livelong leadership skills and effectiveness 

Who Can Participate : Everyone who wants to develop their interpersonal and leadership skills and link innovation with leadership or seeking to improve their lifelong leadership skills and identify strategies that are useful in a variety of positions and organizations. It is highly recommended for management trainees, students from management related disciplines or whoever desires to be an effective leader or those from other disciplines interested in developing their personal leadership toolkit 

Participation Limit : Up to 30 students

IAU reserves the right to cancel any of the courses if insufficient enrollment occurs (Less than 10 participants)

 Apply here..

  • - Cancellation period 4 to 8 weeks before the program begins 80% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 to 4 weeks before the program begins 60% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 weeks before the program begins fees are not refundable.
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