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Would you like to come and join our fantastic ONLINE Delightful Istanbul Summer Program at IAU?


Stay home, stay safe and continue to learn ONLINE.


This summer (1 - 14 August 2021), we will be offering 4 online courses for credit. Students will select one course that matches their field of study and academic interests. Students will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills through online learning. They will have access to synchronous lectures by IAU instructors, reading materials, videos and discussion forums on the digital learning platform of IAU. Assignments and final exam will be online. Students who complete the attendance requirements and pass their exams successfully will be awarded an official transcript by IAU.

We will also post curated visual and textual materials about Istanbul and Turkey to help you learn about our magical city and Turkish culture and modern history. Participating in this bonus section over the weekend will facilitate intercultural awareness and learning, an important soft skill, which will enhance your employability in the future. Students who complete a short essay based on the visual and textual materials will be awarded a certificate by IAU International Office.
Students from our partner universities are most welcome to participate with an advantageous fee. They can transfer the course credits earned back to their home university, subject to the regulations of their home university.


Delightful Istanbul Summer Programs in 2021:




Course Title: Project Management

Credits: 3 ECTS

Lecturer: Asst. Prof. Dr. Nima Mirzaei

Course Description:

Project management plays a crucial role in executing and completing projects efficiently. Get a step-by-step introduction to the project management process and review the differences between theory and practice. Use the tools and knowledge acquired to create your project plan.

This course will cover the essential tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully manage a project through its inception, design, planning, scheduling, and controlling phases. Students learn fundamentals of project management concepts and behavioral skills needed to successfully launch and lead benefits from projects.

Many Project management tools will be covered such as Gantt chart, network diagrams of CPM, and PERT including competitive calculations. Uncertain activity durations affect the Project completion times and Project managers should get ready for production and service management systems to meet the deadlines by applying these tools. As a supplementary tool, the Excel program will be used to show students how to manage a large-scale project.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completing the course, the students will be able to;

  1. Comprehend the importance of Project Management.
  2. Understand project management design, development, and deployment.
  3. Implement project planning, scheduling, and controlling.
  4. Applying project management techniques: PERT and CPM.
  5. Determining the project schedule.
  6. Recognize variability in activity times and how to use cost-time trade-offs and project crashing.
  7. Used Excel program to compute and analyze the large-scale project.

Who can participate:

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, social sciences, humanities, communication, architecture, business, and marketing.

Prerequisites, if any: 

The students must have at least an intermediate level of English and a basic level of mathematics and statistics.

Course Materials:

Microsoft PPT, Books, articles, and videos. (PPT slides will be provided by instructors)

Participation Limit: Max 20 students

Weekly plan (Every day will be 2 hours of lecture and 1 hour of student work such as teamwork, readings, short assignments that students will undertake themselves)

                                                                Week 1

Day 1 (August 2 Monday)


Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Introduction to Project Management. Basic concepts and definitions.


Examples from global company profiles.



Project Planning, scheduling, and controlling.


Set up groups and teams for Case studies.

Project management techniques: program evaluation and review techniques (PERT) 


Network diagrams and approaches.

Project management techniques: program evaluation and review techniques (PERT) 


Network diagrams and approaches. (continue)

Case studies presentation and discussion

(Midterm Exam)

                                                                Week 2

Day 6


Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 (August 13 Friday)

Project management techniques: critical path method (CPM).


Network diagrams and approaches.

Considering Variability inactivity times. (three-time estimates in PERT)



Probability of Project completion.


Cost-time Trade-Off and Project crashing.

Assignment Presentation and class discussion. (students participate in classroom activities)

Case studies presentation and discussion

(Final Exam)


Assessment and Evaluation

Mid-term exam: Take-home exam, assignment, or presentation 40% (at the end of the 1st week)

Final exam: Take-home exam or assignment 60 % (at the end of the 2nd week)

IAU reserves the right to cancel any of the courses if insufficient enrollment occurs (Less than 10 participants)

You can check our videos and photos from our previous Delightful Programs;

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IAU Account Details / USD Account Number 

Swift Code: DENITRIS 

Bank Name: Denizbank 


Account Number:4060-1771107-388 

IBAN: TR47 0013 4000 0017 7110 7001 31

  • - Cancellation period 4 to 8 weeks before the program begins 80% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 to 4 weeks before the program begins 60% of total fees are refundable. 
  • - Cancellation period 2 weeks before the program begins fees are not refundable.
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