Departments and Programs

Computer and Instructional Technologies Education
​Department of Computer and Instructional Technologies Education 
  1. Computer and Instructional Technologies Education Program

Educational Sciences
Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance 
  1. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Program 

Fine Arts Education
Department of Music Education
  1. Music Education Program

Mathematics & Science Education
Department of Mathematics Education
  1. Primary Mathematics Education Program 
Turkish and Social Sciences Education
Department of Turkish Language Education
  1. Turkish Education Program 

 Basic Education 

Department of Preschool Education 
  1. Preschool Teacher Education Program 
Department of Elementary Education
  1. Elementary Education Program

Foreign Languages Education
Department of Arabic Language Teaching
  1. Arabic Language Teaching Program 
Department of English Language Teaching
  1. English Language Teacher Education Program

Special Education
Department of Special Education
    1.    Special Education Teacher Program
Department of Education for Gifted Students
  1. Teacher Training Program for Gifted Students 
Department of Education for Mentally Disabled Students
  1. Teacher Training Program for Mentally Disabled Students 

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